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Posts from October 2021

Scariest games we've ever played - The CCL edition

Halloween is almost upon us, and this OctoooOOoOober here at CCL, we've come up with a list of the scariest, most anxiety-inducing games we've ever played.

Best Scary Games For Halloween 2021

If you're looking for a few chills this Halloween, here's a list of new and classic games to play with the lights off. if you dare.

God of War is finally coming to PC in January 2022

An eagerly awaited first-party Sony exclusive is coming to PC, full three years after its initial release and 19.5 million PlayStation 4 copies later.

Is a 144Hz Gaming Monitor worth the price tag?

If you have a gaming rig that can handle high refresh rates, is a 144Hz monitor actually worth the money?

Xbox mini fridge is finally a reality, and we can't wait to "Xbox and Chill"

At this rate, we will soon have an entire kitchen powered by gaming consoles and their replicas...

Xbox Cloud Gaming: How Microsoft is giving Google Stadia run for its money

Google Stadia might have set out to disrupt the gaming industry, but Xbox Cloud gaming has set out to disrupt Stadia's mission.

Deathly Stillness - The Surprising Hit Zombie Shooter

In Deathly Stillness gameplay involves only two levels of killing zombies. Amazingly, the game was made in just 17 days and gamers are wanting more

AMD Ryzen 5 5600G Ryzen 7 5700G - Best Value Gaming APUs?

News of GPU pricing potentially coming down has raised hopes - but in the meantime, these integrated GPU chips may just tide PC builders over

Choosing The Best CPU Cooler - A Buyers Guide

This guide highlights the pros and cons of some of our best selling and great value CPU coolers, comparing some of the best CPU coolers for every budget.

How to Choose an Ethernet Cable

If you're looking at Ethernet (or network) cables, you'll often see them referred to as 'CAT 5e' or 'CAT 6', 'Shielded' or 'Crossover'. But, what does this all mean, and how can you choose the right cable for you? Keep reading to find out.

The must-have accessories for a mid-tier Gaming Laptop

We take a look at some of the best accessories you can get for your Gaming Laptop

The Top Games People Upgraded Their PC For - September 2021

There are a couple of surprise entries on our big list, but there are also some shoe-ins that we knew would appear there as well. When we asked "What was the last game you upgraded your PC for?", we expected AAA titles that were GPU and processor hungry epics - but we didn't expect such a eclectic mix!

Best Value White Gaming PC Under £800

White gaming PCs are as popular as ever, and white components are readily available. With a budget of £800 we look at the best options for this aesthetic.

What can a gaming PC do that a console can't?

It can't be denied that the consoles are becoming a lot more PC like in their gaming capabilities, but there are still a few things gaming PCs can do that consoles cannot.

GTA 6 - Everything We Know So Far

So, you thought you could get all the way through 2021 without any drama from the Rockstar camp? This looks doubtful as leakers and gaming theorists begin to circle around Rockstar with new GTA 6 "information".

Upcoming Ghost Recon will be a free-to-play online PvP and fans are furious

Ubisoft is jumping on the Battle Royale bandwagon with Ghost Recon Frontline, but massive multiplayer and battle royale don't sound very Ghost Recon to the fans.

Keycaps for UK Keyboards: Buyers Guide

Two brands stand out more than most with keycaps; Tai Hao and Ducky. Both are perfect for both the new and the veteran keycap modder... here's why.

B560 vs H570 vs Z590 - Which Intel Motherboard Should You Buy?

The LGA 1200 chipset B560, H570 and Z590 motherboards for Intel's Rocket Lake CPUs: Expect surprisingly good value & performance for gaming builds

Amazon Prime members can grab 10 new PC games this October for free

Their free games lineup includes Alien: Isolation, Ghostrunner, Star Wars Squadrons, Song of Horror and more!

Windows 11 - 5 Top Tips and Tricks

Now you've got your hands on the latest edition of Windows 11, here's our Top 5 Tips and Tricks to make your experience with the OS even better!

How to get Windows 11

Microsoft today released Windows 11 for general availability, and there are several ways that you can install the new operating system. Let's go through them!

Scoot over to the side consoles, Capcom wants PC to be its main gaming platform

After decades of focusing mainly on arcade and consoles, Capcom's focus is about to shift to PC gaming as it aims to reach 50% of sales on PC and 50% of sales on console by 2022 or 2023.

October 2021 PC Games Release Schedule

There's lots to look forward to in October for PC gaming fans. The schedule is packed with much-awaited crowd pleasers from indie and AAA developers.

How to choose the best PSU for your gaming PC?

Milyana takes a look at what you should keep in mind when you're choosing a power supply for your gaming rig.