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Great Saving
CCL Code: KVM0274|
Part Number: RKCONS1908K
CCL Code: KVM0098|
Part Number: SV231USBGB
CCL Code: KVM0099|
Part Number: SV231HDMIUA
Great Saving
CCL Code: KVM0263|
Part Number: SV231DPDDUA2
Great Saving
CCL Code: KVM0143|
Part Number: NOTECONS01
CCL Code: KVM0257|
Part Number: SV431DPU3A2
Great Saving
CCL Code: KVM0229|
Part Number: SV1631DUSBUK
Great Saving
CCL Code: KVM0231|
Part Number: SV831DVIU
CCL Code: KVM0100|
Part Number: SV211KUSB
CCL Code: KVM0305|
Part Number: SV211DPUA4K
Great Saving
6 pin PS/2, HD-15 (M) HD-15 (M) 6 ft

Was £11.83

SAVE 24%

Now only

£8.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: KVM0070|
Part Number: SVECON6
Great Saving
CCL Code: KVM0230|
Part Number: SVUSBVGA6
CCL Code: KVM0051|
Part Number: SB-472
|Manufacturer: Generic
Great Saving
CCL Code: KVM0105|
Part Number: SVUSB2N1_10
CCL Code: KVM0052|
Part Number: SB-474
|Manufacturer: Generic
CCL Code: KVM0127|
Part Number: DP4N1USB6

A KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switch allows you to switch between the use of a keyboard, display and mouse between multiple different computers. 

So, if you have a setup in your office or home which requires you to work on several different computers, a KVM switch can save you an enormous amount of hassle, as well as saving you from having to buy dedicated keyboards, mice and monitors for each computer. 

When selecting a KVM switch, bear in mind that there are different types of KVM switch available:

  • Standard box KVM switches.
  • Cable KVM switches.
  • Multi-monitor KVM switches. 
  • IP KVM switches.

As you’ve probably already guessed, standard box and cable KVM switches can be used to switch the use of a keyboard, mouse and display between different computers. 

Multi-monitor KVM switches, as their name suggests, allow you to switch multi displays between computers. IP KVM switches allow you to remotely control the KVM switch (and its connected computers), over a network. 

At CCL we stock a wide range of KVM switches covering an array of input types such as USB, DVI and more. 

Shop KVM switches from StarTech, Axis, ATEN, Belkin, Rextron and more today.