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USB or Serial Data line Surge Protection

£118.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: UPS0038|
Part Number: BK350EI
|Manufacturer: APC
Great Saving
1U Rackmount/Tower

Was £338.98

SAVE £13

Now only

£324.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: UPS0091|
Part Number: SC450RMI1U
|Manufacturer: APC
CCL Code: UPS0221|
Part Number: SRT5KRMXLI
|Manufacturer: APC
CCL Code: PSU1300|
Part Number: RBC17
|Manufacturer: APC
CCL Code: UPS9004|
Part Number: RBC48
|Manufacturer: APC
CCL Code: UPS0139|
Part Number: RBC18
|Manufacturer: APC
650VA 230V

£165.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: UPS0058|
Part Number: BK650EI
|Manufacturer: APC
Great Saving

Was £496.34

SAVE £32

Now only

£463.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: UPS0124|
Part Number: RBC24
|Manufacturer: APC
CCL Code: UPS0296|
Part Number: SMT1000IC
|Manufacturer: APC
CCL Code: UPS0251|
Part Number: APCRBC140
|Manufacturer: APC
Great Saving
CCL Code: UPS0293|
Part Number: SMT1000RMI2UC
|Manufacturer: APC
CCL Code: UPS0335|
Part Number: RACK 1500VA
|Manufacturer: Powercool
CCL Code: UPS0324|
Part Number: RACK 850VA
|Manufacturer: Powercool
Great Saving
CCL Code: UPS0170|
Part Number: PC 1200VA
|Manufacturer: Powercool
CCL Code: UPS0167|
Part Number: PC 650VA
|Manufacturer: Powercool
CCL Code: UPS0318|
Part Number: BR1200ELCD-UK
|Manufacturer: CyberPower

A UPS (uninterruptible power supply), is a form of battery backup for your PC. It will provide backup power in the event of a power cut or brown out. In other words, if the usual source of power for your computer cuts out, a UPS battery backup will ‘step in’ to ensure that your computer can stay on.

UPS battery backups can also act as surge protectors for your system, in addition to ‘smoothing out’ the power that your computer receives from the mains electricity supply. UPS backups will typically be used with ‘mission critical’ systems (such as workstation PCs or CAD machines) or servers, where any downtime is unacceptable. 

UPS systems work by detecting decreases in the amount of electricity coming from the wall circuit and then boosting power to the PC to ensure a constant flow of electricity. 

There are three main types of UPS battery backup technology in common use:

  • Standby - this is the most popular type of UPS backup and involves the use of battery backup power in the event of a power cut, voltage sag or voltage surge. Whenever the UPS detects a power drop or surge, it’ll switch to DC battery power and then invert it to AC power to keep the computer running.
  • Line interactive - this type of UPS uses technology that allows it to correct minor power fluctuations without switching to battery. This type of UPS helps to ‘smooth’ out the power your PC receives.
  • Double conversion - a double-conversion UPS is designed to provide clean, perfect power to your PC regardless of the state of the incoming power from the mains. This type of UPS converts incoming AC power to DC, then back to AC.

Here at CCL we stock a wide range of reliable UPS battery backup systems from manufacturers including APC, Powercool, PowerWalker and V7.