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Xbox mini fridge is finally a reality, and we can't wait to "Xbox and Chill"

At this rate, we will soon have an entire kitchen powered by gaming consoles and their replicas...

The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge.


A few years ago, when the Internet of Things was all the buzz, it probably never occurred to anyone that in a couple of short years we’d be entering the Consoles of Everything age instead. Not that we’re complaining. Given the fact that KFConsole and Xbox Mini Fridge were born out of viral memes, it speaks volumes to the power of said memes, the fanbase, and social media.

Microsoft unveiled its design of the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge at their Xbox E3 Showcase earlier this year, and now the actual mini-fridge is ready for the fans, and just in time for holidays! Unlike the KFConsole which will be a fully functional mini-PC that can also keep your chicken warm, Xbox Mini Fridge is an actual mini fridge that does just that – cools beverages (and other items, we assume), presumably to be enjoyed with the KFConsole’s "finger clickin' good" chicken. It will also sport a DC power adapter and a USB port to charge other devices - if your console is too far away to charge your controller from, you can always plug it into your mini fridge instead.

Just check out this absolutely epic introduction. Who would have thought a mini fridge could be this exciting?



With Cooler Master working on the KFConsole and Xbox putting out their mini fridge, we can’t help but wonder if PlayStation is going to jump on the bandwagon? During the new-gen console announcements last year, the showcased consoles were dubbed by gamers as the ‘Mini Fridge’ Xbox and the ‘Wi-Fi Router’ PlayStation due to their shape.

It wouldn’t be very exciting though if PlayStation went ahead and made a Wi-Fi Router out of its console, especially considering the console appliance lineup that’s currently underway. Since we have the hot food and cold beverages covered, perhaps PlayStation can bring us an espresso maker with milk frother for an unforgettable coffee and gaming experience?

All jokes aside though, I’m genuinely pleased at the gag consoles, especially considering that the gag is actually functional and part of me sincerely hopes that other consoles and developers jump on this. The Xbox Mini Fridge is made in partnership with Ukonic!, and will come equipped with two shelves, so you can truly "Xbox and Chill".

From Doge Coin to Xbox Mini Fridge, our culture and economy have started to run on memes, and the results are actually pretty great, interesting, and rather hilarious. Gaming is answering to something many gamers love and actively develop – memes. And from the look of things, gamers are just as excited at the new console meme developments.

As soon as it becomes available to us at CCL, we will test and try the upcoming KitchenStations, so watch this space.

According to the announcement, the Xbox Mini Fridge can hold up to 10 drinks for you and your friends, and the starting price will be set at £89.99 in the UK. Currently the stock will be exclusive to GAME, though Xbox stated that a regional expansion is expected in 2022, pending market restrictions and regulatory rules. Pre-sale starts 19th October but the actual mini-fridge will start shipping in December 2021.