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CCL Code: CAB8563|
Part Number: CDL-012-1M
|Manufacturer: Cables Direct
CCL Code: CAB1193|
Part Number: CDL-102
|Manufacturer: Cables Direct
CCL Code: CAB5735|
Part Number: U3TOU2
|Manufacturer: Generic

Akasa USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 Adapter Cable

Very sought after cable in the UK!
If you only have USB 2.0 headers on your motherboard, use this adapter to convert any unusable USB 3.0 ports you may have at the front of your case into useful USB 2.0 ports.
CCL Code: CAB2485|
Part Number: AK-CBUB19-10BK
|Manufacturer: Akasa
CCL Code: CAB7599|
Part Number: AK-CBUB36-30BK
|Manufacturer: Akasa
CCL Code: CAB5942|
Part Number: 136-05
|Manufacturer: Sandberg
CCL Code: CAB7956|
Part Number: 99CDL2-1601-WT-1M
|Manufacturer: Cables Direct
CCL Code: CAB6866|
Part Number: 88USB2-957BK
|Manufacturer: Cables Direct
CCL Code: CAB8569|
Part Number: CDL-020SRT
|Manufacturer: Cables Direct
CCL Code: CAB7968|
Part Number: 99CDL2-020ST
|Manufacturer: Cables Direct
CCL Code: CAB7969|
Part Number: 99CDL2-020FD
|Manufacturer: Cables Direct
CCL Code: CAB7970|
Part Number: 99CDL2-020
|Manufacturer: Cables Direct
CCL Code: CAB7971|
Part Number: 99CDL2-021
|Manufacturer: Cables Direct
CCL Code: CAB7975|
Part Number: 99CDL2-0120
|Manufacturer: Cables Direct
CCL Code: CAB7958|
Part Number: 99CDL2-0620
|Manufacturer: Cables Direct
CCL Code: CAB1192|
Part Number: CDL-101
|Manufacturer: Cables Direct
CCL Code: CAB7964|
Part Number: 99CDL2-1601
|Manufacturer: Cables Direct

You can never have enough USB cables can you? They can be a bit like pens; never there when you need one. 

So, why not take the opportunity to stock up on USB cables now? 

We stock a huge number of high-quality USB cables here at CCL, including everything from classics such as USB to USB cables and more modern iterations such as USB-C to Lightning and USB-C to Micro B.

In addition to stocking various types of USB cable, we also stock different lengths, with USBs ranging from 1 metre up to 35 metres available. 

So, if you’re in need of some new USB cables or a USB extension cable, shop brands including StarTech, Cables Direct, Cables to Go, Belkin, Manhattan and more now.