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God of War is finally coming to PC in January 2022

An eagerly awaited first-party Sony exclusive is coming to PC, full three years after its initial release and 19.5 million PlayStation 4 copies later.

Best video game of all time

Not long after Sony has committed three of its exclusives to PC, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves, and Days Gone, the long awaited announcement of the God of War for PC has finally arrived. 

On the PlayStation blog, the senior community manager, Grace Orlady announced that the God of War will be coming to the PC on January 14th, 2022. Originally released for PS4 in 2018, the God of War comes to PC with 4K capabilities – something PS4 players could not experience at the time of the release. 

Much like the vast majority of console games that get ported to PC, God of War will also have fine-tuning capabilities, as well as the full NVIDIA DLSS integration available on RTX. In addition, the port will also feature NVIDIA Reflex low latency tech, which delivers a lot more responsive experience, allowing for much quicker and hit harder combos. The hit combos already sound, look and feel great, so this addition can only further enhance it.

The performance enhancements already sound impressive, especially for those of us who have played the game on PS4 and were already impressed with the graphics, gameplay smoothness and the no- cut camera work throughout the whole game. 

If you’re looking to re-experience the good of war on PC, the good news is that the robust controller support will be available. While I am excited to try God of War on PC, I don’t think I’d be as enthused to do so with a keyboard and mouse. After all, God of War was made for a console, and although PlayStation confirmed that the port will allow full customization of the key bindings for PC gamers’ liking and comfort, I suspect that the controller may provide the best of gaming experience. Or maybe this is just my console talking.

From the announcement by the PlayStation Blog, it seems that the God of War port will be a high-performance version of the PS4 game, which is a very good reason to try it on the PC. The game was already well performing for the last-gen console, so the ported version is shaping up to be an experience on a whole another level on PC.

But this isn’t just another port. God of War coming to PC is a very big deal. In addition to being Sony’s first-party exclusive, God of War is regarded as one of the best games of its generation and probably the best PlayStation exclusive (thought this is a matter of opinion, and The Last of Us fans may vehemently disagree).

But the opinions about the God of War are abound and they seem to be overwhelmingly positive. Recently, IGN ran the Best Video Game of All Time Bracket, the results of which saw God of War victorious with 26,604,825 votes, over 100,000 votes more than the runner up and immensely popular Grand Theft Auto V. 

It speaks volumes to the God of War’s popularity and its fanbase when a game that was exclusive to only one console could get over 100k more votes than a game that’s available and played on all platforms. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt went against the God of War. 
As it stands, GOW has steamrolled all other entrants for a crown as the Best Video Game of All time.

According to IGN, the support for the game was so immense from the fans that the hack was attempted on IGN to sway the votes away from God of War and in favour of Grand Theft Auto. But Kratos single-handedly took down the Gods of Olympus, so what chance do hackers stand against him? Not a whole lot, as Kratos came out victorious, yet again.

Best video game of all time

Whatever you may think of the choices IGN made for their poll, and some were indeed questionable, (such as the complete exclusion of Red Dead Redemption 2), over 26.6 million people voted for God of War as the best game of all time. 

The God of War is available for pre-order on Steam and Epic Games Store