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Arctic F12 TC 120mm Case Fan

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Arctic Cooling Arctic F12 TC, 120mm Temp Controlled Case Fan
Temperature Controlled High Performance Case Fans
The intelligent programmed temperature controller and accurate temperature detection in this fan make the ARCTIC F TC one of the best temperature controlled fans on the market.

Cutting-edge thermal management concept
Unlike other generic temperature controlled case fans, the ARCTIC F TC fan provides cooling according to not only the temperature, but also the overall need for cooling.

The revolutionary programmed temperature controller plays a key role. As shown in the chart, when case ambient air temperature is at a safe level between 0C and 32C, the ARCTIC F TC fan speed remains at its lowest (300 RPM). This is to offer adequate ventilation at the lowest noise level possible. The ARCTIC F TC is therefore completely inaudible (0.05 sone) at low temperatures which is a much quieter level than generic TC fans.

However, once a system is under load, the case ambient air temperature will go up rapidly. High performance and instant cooling is vital at this stage in order to eliminate the risk of overheating and causing system instability.

The ARCTIC F TC is programmed to achieve top fan speed at 38C. The fan responds to the rise in temperature swiftly within a critical 6C range, the RPM of the ARCTIC F TC fan increases from around 300 to its maximum of 1350 RPM (the steep curve in the chart). Heat is then dissipated from the case rapidly in order to achieve immediate cooling. As a result, the case air temperature remains at 38C or below and thus the possibility of having a system failure can be virtually eliminated.

Highly flexible sensor on a 40cm cable

The accurate temperature sensor of the ARCTIC F TC is equipped at the end of a 40cm cable. This gives much better flexibility when choosing the most appropriate spot where users would like to have the temperature detected.

Main Features:

  • 40cm long temperature sensor for accurate fan speed control
  • Cable can be positioned in wherever necessary
  • Extremely quiet
  • High airflow and static pressure
  • Low Noise Impeller
  • Fluid dynamic bearing extends service life
Fan Speed 300 to 1350 RPM
Fan Diameter 120 mm
Air Flow 57 CFM
Bearing Type Fluid Dynamic
Form Factor Case Fan
Fan Width 12 cm
Fan Depth 2.5 cm
Fan Height 2.5 cm
Fan Weight 0.11 kg
Warranty 6 year warranty
Item Details
Manufacturer Arctic Cooling
Part Number AFACO-120T0-GBA01
UPC 872767002685
Condition New

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Q: What is the fan speed because the description says 500 to 2000 but the specifications say "Fan Speed 300 to 1350 RPM" also you never say what connection the fans are, is it 3 pin or molex?
Answer by CCL on 11th December 2012
The fan speed is 300 to 1350 RPM, there was and error on our listing, thanks for spotting. The fan connector is a 3 pin. Regards, Mike
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