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CCL Code: CLR2637|
Part Number: TG-CA-32-32-02-R
|Manufacturer: Thermal Grizzly
CCL Code: CLR2872|
Part Number: ACTCP00080A
|Manufacturer: Arctic Cooling
CCL Code: WAT0228|
Part Number: 0609224351143
|Manufacturer: Mayhems
CCL Code: CLR2636|
Part Number: TG-CA-38-38-02-R
|Manufacturer: Thermal Grizzly
Great Saving
The Z3 is a high performance thermal paste with excellent thermal conductivity.

Was £5.99

SAVE 33%

Now only

£3.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: CLR2778|
Part Number: DP-TIM-Z3-2
|Manufacturer: DeepCool
The Z5 is a high performance thermal paste with excellent thermal conductivity.

£3.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: CLR2779|
Part Number: DP-TIM-Z5-2
|Manufacturer: DeepCool
CCL Code: CLR1906|
Part Number: ASC-2.7G
|Manufacturer: Arctic Cooling
DeepCool Z10 thermal paste offers high thermal conductivity for demanding processing units with an easy to apply consistency.

£4.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: CLR2777|
Part Number: DP-TIM-Z10-1
|Manufacturer: DeepCool
CCL Code: CLR2871|
Part Number: ACTCP00059A
|Manufacturer: Arctic Cooling
CCL Code: CLR1486|
Part Number: TG-A-001-RS
|Manufacturer: Thermal Grizzly
CCL Code: CLR1512|
Part Number: TG-MP8-30-30-05-1R
|Manufacturer: Thermal Grizzly
CCL Code: CLR1513|
Part Number: TG-MP8-30-30-10-1R
|Manufacturer: Thermal Grizzly

Arctic Silver 5 High Performance Thermal Compound

World famous compound that consistently wins group tests - if you want the best then look no further...
  • Contains 99.9% Pure Silver
  • High Density
  • Non Electrically Conductive

£8.99 inc VAT

CCL Code: CLR9007|
Part Number: AS5-3.5G
|Manufacturer: Arctic Cooling
CCL Code: CLR2641|
Part Number: TG-CG-R7000-R
|Manufacturer: Thermal Grizzly

Thermal paste, thermal compound, heat sink compound, CPU grease, heat paste, sink paste; whatever you call it, it’s an essential bit of kit if you’re going to get the most of our CPU!

Thermal compound is used to fill the gaps between your CPU and the heat sink. As most heat sinks are a passive component made of a conductive metal, it’s vital that they ‘connect’ with the CPU as much as possible. This means they can more effectively draw heat away from the CPU and help improve performance. 

The use of thermal paste is especially important if you intend to overclock your processor.

At only a small cost, thermal paste can be one of the most effective ‘upgrades’ you can make to your PC. Put it this way, we certainly wouldn’t be without heat paste when building a new system!

At CCL we stock a range of different thermal compounds ranging from £2 up to £45+, from manufacturers such as Thermal Grizzly, Arctic Cooling, Mayhems, StarTech, Akasa, and many more. 

Take the heat out of your next build with some thermal paste...