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Posts by Mathew Wade

The PC Is Dead - Apparently

The PC is dead, then long live the... errr PC?

Windows 8.1 Start Button Confirmed

Huston, we have a Start Button

Liberty Reserve Arrests Hurting the Bad Guys

The bad man's bank causing "pain" to criminals

DRM Appeasement for Xbox One

Microsoft hears the DRM shouts, will they act?

High Court Ruling: To Block A Site Is "Pointless"

Pirate Bay site embargo is useless

Netgear WN3500RP Review

In this review I'll be taking a look at the bigger brother to the WN1000RP and giving you a run through of its features

Microsoft Surface Pro Price Revealed

Microsoft's Pro Tab surfaces a price, pitched at 25% above top iPad

Connectify Switchboard Announced

Needs to raise $100k but is already at 17% after 2 days

Apple Not Going to Make $10bn This Year

Looks like a re-think is needed

Next Generation Tablet GPUs Shown Off

I'm going to game like it's 1999

Office 2013 & 365 Review and Overview

In this article I'm going to be looking at the latest design features in the newest version of Microsoft's Office application suite.

Obama Says No to Death Star Project

These aren't the signatures you're looking for.

Arma III Game Developers Released From Jail

The Greeks really don't like you taking pictures.

Ducky DK-9008 Shine Review

The duck that goes; click clack, not quack quack. Mat takes the Shine 1 for a spin and give us the skinny on the switches.

Tiny Z3ro Pro

Teeny tiny PC goes even smaller.

Powerline Networking - A Beginners Guide

1.21 Gigawatts? What's all this mains networking about? Doc. Mat takes out the science and gives us the basic rundown of mains networking.

Urgent Repair Work To IE 6, 7 and 8

Internet Explorer patch scheduled for 21st January.

Microsoft Investigates Jail-broken Surface

Embarrassed Microsoft say "well done, but naughty" to hackers as just days after the exploit was discovered, it's made available to Joe Public.

Handshake Between Google and Microsoft

Google picks up handbag in patent tiff.

WD 5.6TB Helium Disks Are Possible

Western Digital could tip Seagate off the throne as storage king.

Razer's Edge Gaming Tablet Idea Looks Awesome

But it's an old idea from CES2012?

HyperX Celebrates 10 years of Spreading

New stylish heat spreader to mark the accolade.

Microsoft To Dump Messenger And Use Skype

Don't shoot the messenger, use Skype instead.

Elite is Reborn After Kickstarter Funding Target Reached

Dust off the moon boots and your Cobra MK III

Samsung and LG fined by Chinese Government for Price Fixing

Four others also get a slap totalling $48M.

ROCCAT Uncovers Ryos Gaming Keyboard Before CES

The German manufacturer is all giddy about this mechanical keyboard.

How to Upgrade to Windows 7 or 8 with a USB Stick

No optical drive? No problem, Mathew shows you how easy installation via a USB is in this handy guide.

Razer Orbweaver Announced

Razer sharp keypad set to aid hardcore gamers.

"Nearly New" Plan on Vodafone to Bring Smartphone Prices Down

But can you get a better deal on eBay?

Now Your Phone Can Tell You Where Your Keys Are

Where's me keys, where's me phone...

iWatch could be next on Apple To-do list

MP3 Players, Mobile Phones, Tablets and now Watches.

Too Much Apple Juice This Festive Period?

iOS 6 forgets to wake up on New Year's Day.

RIM to Let IT Have The Last Word on Camera Functions

Say cheeeeeeeeese, oh, wait.

Are "Special Editions" really special?

Software, Games and even Consoles.

Green Eco CPU's Go Server Class

Greener, Leaner and just as Meaner.

To Those Who Say IE 10 Sucks...

Well you're just sad, say Microsoft...

Retro Games of Today: Part 3

Grand theft pockets. Your money and your life.

QPAD MK-50 Pro Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review

Mathew hits the keyswitches, not only to type out this review but to put the QPAD through its paces and give us some tactile feedback.

The new WD Black Edition

Oh, it's only 4Tb by the way...

The Day JellyBean Choked Santa

Don't worry about the Christmas shopping this year as JellyBean says we're not having a December.

Networking Buying Guide

A well connected home, but how?

Retro Games of Today: Part 2

A Syndicate Lottery... Not a winner

Wireless Draft "ac" is Out and About

Your 802.11n can kiss my 802.11ac

Kinect Is Watching You

I'm sorry Dave, but I can't let you all watch this film...

Retro Games of Today: Part 1

Long lost, found and lost again Civilization.