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RTX 40 Series Super: The Next Generation of Graphics Power

The highly anticipated RTX 40 Series Super graphics cards are due to be released in January 2024, offering enhanced performance, better features, and more for all your PC gaming needs. Whether you're a casual gamer or a hardcore enthusiast, the RTX 40 Series Super GPUs are sure to take your gaming experience to the next level.

RTX 40 Series Super

RTX 40 Series Super: The Next Generation of Graphics Power

The highly anticipated RTX 40 Series Super graphics cards are finally on the horizon, and we're here to bring you all the latest news and information.

When Will the RTX 40 Series Super Graphics Cards Be Released?

We anticipate that NVIDIA will debut the RTX 40 Series Super GPUs at CES during their presentation at the Las Vegas show on Monday 8th January at 4pm GMT. The cards are then expected to be released in stages from January 17th onwards, with a new release each week.

Contrary to much online speculation, it won't be the lower-end super cards launching first, but instead the RTX 4080 Super, so as to battle against the global constraints being seen on the RTX 4090 graphics cards, which have been in demand and in short supply for a good few months now.

How Much Will They Cost and Will They Be More Expensive Than the RTX 40 Series Cards?

As with the original RTX 40 Series, pricing for the Super cards is still a closely guarded secret. However, we can expect them to be more expensive than their non-Super counterparts. The RTX 4080 Super is expected to command a price around £1,200, while the RTX 4070 Super and RTX 4070 Ti Super are likely to cost around £700 and £900 respectively.

  • 8GB Graphics Memory
  • PCI Express 4.0 Interface
  • Cooler Type - Active Fan
  • Nvidia GPU Boost Technology
  • Overclocked Edition
  • Outputs - HDMI and Display Port
CCL Code: VGA6728|
Part Number: 90YV0J50-M0NA00
|Manufacturer: ASUS

Is a Super Card Better for Gaming Than a Non-Super Card?

Generally speaking, yes. Super cards offer improved performance over their non-Super counterparts. This is due to a number of factors, including higher clock speeds, more memory bandwidth, and a larger number of cores.

Which GPU Should I Choose: RTX 4070 Super, RTX 4070 Ti Super, or RTX 4080 Super?

The best GPU for you will depend on your individual needs and budget. If you're looking for the best possible performance for high-end gaming, then the RTX 4080 Super is the way to go. However, if you're on a tighter budget, the RTX 4070 Super or RTX 4070 Ti Super will still provide excellent performance for most gaming needs.

Will the RTX 40 Series Super Cards Be Available Day One at CCL?

Yes, we will have all three RTX 40 Series Super graphics cards available for purchase on the day of their release, January 17th. You can find them in our dedicated RTX 40 Series Super category, which will be live on the day of release.

We will also be offering the RTX 40 Series Super graphics cards in our Chillblast and Horizon Gaming PCs. In addition, you can use our custom PC configurator to build your own PC with an RTX 40 Series Super graphics card.


The RTX 40 Series Super graphics cards are sure to be a game-changer for PC gaming. With their improved performance and enhanced features, they will elevate your gaming experience to new heights. So, if you're in the market for a new graphics card, be sure to check out the RTX 40 Series Super lineup from CCL.