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Intel & NVIDIA could merge

Rumor has it that pair are in talks to join forces, death star construction possible.

Market rumor is often full of garbage, but as they say "there is no smoke without fire" and this time there is certainly a lot of smoke. Word is getting around that Intel Corp may in fact make an acquisition of NVIDIA Corp and that the current head of NVIDIA Jen-Hsun could be the head over the new company there after. As far as rumor goes, that's fairly specific.

Intel and NVIDIA are both huge in the technology world, Intel are at the top of their game with their range of microprocessors and Nvidia aren't have been putting up one hell of a fight when it comes to creating ground breaking graphics hardware. Could the two join forces to declare all out war on AMD? Of course, this rumor isn't new to the market either, since AMD purchased ATI Technologies back in 2006 it has been speculated that Intel would take a similar move with Nvidia, but Nvidia refused the take-over at the time.

Paul Otellini is set to retire from Intel in May next year and the search is one for his replacement, not exactly an easy pair of boots to fill. Jen-Hsun Huang is a good candidate for the role and since one of the terms of the previous acquisition attempt of Nvidia what that he be head of the new company, its no longer such a big leap to commit too, there is a job opening coming up after all.

But the whispers and rumors are likely to continue on this one for a long while, the two companies have a lot at stake and its unknown how they would in fact merge their two very different business structures. Would be interesting to see NVIDIA cores on the next generation of "i" processors though.