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Amazon Smart Phone In Production?

Is Foxconn working on Amazons next bit of tech?

Rumour mills are spinning this week with the word that Foxconn is manufacturing a new smartphone for Amazon. As many of you will know, Amazon are one of the largest online retailers and have already had massive success with their highly accessible Kindle device, but as the kindle ups its feature list and performance to compete with the ever more crowded tablet market they may as well enter a phone to the market just to complete the set.

As far as rumors go, this one is highly likely and there is no doubt in my mind that Amazon really is making a phone. Rumors have been circling about this one for a while now and its expect that the phone will launch between Q2 and Q3 in 2013. Add to that an expected cost of around $200 and that foxconn can ship around 5 million units in the next year along it sounds like Amazon could be on to a winner.

Now all we need are some specifications, although I would expect to see Amazon create a nice balance of price vs performance when compared to some of their rivals.

Cheap and cheerful, coming in Q2 or Q3