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Kingston Wi-Drive for Mobile Devices

iOS, Android and even Kindle benefit from 128GB Wireless Storage.

Kingston are a big name when it comes to memory, not only for storage and ram modules, but their NAND flash devices are popular among PC users from from entry level to enthusiast applications. This is a trend that Kingston are set to continue with their newly announced 128GB Wi-Drive.

The new 128GB Wi-Drive is a portable solid-state drive (SSD) that can connect to all your iOS, Android and Kindle devices using common Wi-Fi technology, allowing you huge amounts of shared storage across all your devices simultaneously, in capacities that wouldn't normally be achievable locally on each device.

The Wi-Drive SSDs are available in three models, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB and operate using 802.11g/n Wi-Fi technology and WPA/WEP wireless security. The devices are also fully rechargeable allowing you to use them on battery power for up to four hours, handy if you need to nip out and four hours is about as long as any smart phone lasts under heavy usage these days anyway.

The devices come with a miniUSB for data transfer and charging, so there not exactly hard to power up as most people are never far from a USB port these days. File transfers can be handled from Mac, Windows and Linux, making this one highly flexible device.