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Gamers Want GTA 5 on PC

Online petition gains momentum to bring game to PC's.

An online petition has been going for just a few days to try convince Rockstar to bring GTA V to PC. Now call me crazy, but when I found out that this wasn't being developed for PC already my jaw quite literally hit the floor, have Rockstar gone mad? one of the biggest gaming names in the industry and one of the biggest gaming franchises of all time not coming to the PC, the one place where I can really show its game engine muscle in all its glory...

At time of writing the petition has gathered 122,660 signatures, only 27,340 short of its target. If you're a PC gamer, I urge you to sign the form and see if we can make a difference on this one, even if you don't play the game I think its important that games like this don't get overlooked for our beloved format of choice. While sure I will be happy with a PS3 or Xbox 360 edition of the game, I'd be even happier with the PC edition.

Dan Houser, Boss of Rockstar has acknowledged the petition, saying he will keep an eye on it to weigh up his decision on the format in the future, although its obviously not the be all end all answer to getting the game on PC, its certainly a good start.