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Google Glass

The fun beings in 2014

It's not the first time Google's project Glass has cropped up in tech news but now its time to start wondering again, when can we get our hands on this wonderful technology?

For those of you who don't know, Glass is an augmented reality device for mobile computing and systems, unfortunately its still in concept stages and while the technology does exsist its not looking like it will be available on a consumer level until 2014, no matter how bad we want it now.

The device which we say this year was a pair of glasses, like typical reading glasses in fact that were fitted with a tiny 1.3cm display, camera, built in battery and wireless tech, overlaying real-time data on the world we see, much like the augmented features we see on many smart phones today, only way cooler. Analysts say we should see the development tools for the device sometime next year but it could be at least a year before it hits the retail markets, although I wouldn't expect it to be cheap when it does.

The possibilities for the tech will be staggering and again, very cool. These features can include over laying real time sat-nav maps as you walk around the city, reading the internet without having to hold a device, taking and sharing pictures of things your looking at, rather than pointing a camera at, gaming and of course a million other crazy things that haven't been invented yet that we didn't realize we need in our life.

The real trick here of course is going to be user interface, you can't practically control a device that is on your glasses all that easily with current tech, so it will be interesting to see how Google approaches these issues.