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New Milestone for SoC Chip Sales

Intel reaches 1 billion units sold of their mobile SoC chips.

Intel have released a statement in which they announced their new record of one billion System of Chips being shipped. Now this is an interesting choice of words "shipped", because that doesn't mean a whole lot to the end user. Intel doesn't exactly have the largest foothold in the mobile market technology scene but they do however sell a lot of chips, these could be piled up in manufacturers warehouse for all we know and doesn't indicate that they made it to retail. Not that Intel will mind of course, shipped equals sold as far as Intel are concerned.

The SoC chips are targeted at ultra low cost solutions for mobile phones and digital devices. The chips can have integrated services such as power management and RF transmitters to help create a more cost effective solution, although Intel state that their SoC range comes in many varieties that include 2G/3G/4G technologies that can be used on everything from smartphones and tablets to just about any connectable device you can think of.

This is obviously a big milestone for Intel and 1 billion is certainly an impressive figure. This doesn't really make any difference to the end user though, but if you have shares in Intels SoC decision  this is likely good news.