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Introduction to Netbooks

A basic introduction into what a netbook is and what to look for in their specifications when making a purchase

What is a netbook?

Netbooks are designed primarily for browsing the internet and information consumption. They are ultra-mobile, low power machines designed to work alongside a desktop PC or more powerful laptop. Netbooks have a low overall weight, small dimensions and a battery life over 5 hours on most models available today making them perfect for use while commuting or just using around the home. There is however a trade-off for this mobility and flexibility in that they offer comparatively low performance, reduced size keyboards and track pads when compared to a full sized laptop.

What to look for in a netbook?

Buying a netbook is relatively simple with a lot less hardware options available than a standard laptop. When purchasing a netbook you need to consider what you will be using it for primarily, if it is for commuting, general internet and light office tasks then looking for a model with a 10” screen and 10 hour battery life would be beneficial. If you are looking at using the netbook to view videos online, browser based gaming and HD video playback then looking for a model with an 11.6” screen and dedicated graphics like nVidia ION will give you the best machine for your money. As long as you work out what you will be using the netbook for before purchasing it is easy to match a model to your exact requirements.