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22Cans Promises to Reinvent the God Sim Genre

and goes to Kickstarter to make their new god sim.

I have no issue in admitting on the internet that Peter Molyneux is one of my all-time heroes, someone that even with his ‘false promises’ is a guy that I respect and look up to in the world of gaming. So when Mr Molyneux decides to use my favourite channel of funding (Kickstarter) it just makes sense to me to go ahead and post some news in the hope that it will get even more people to do what I already have done, which is fund his new game.

Right onto the games, the Kickstarter project aiming to reinvent the god game genre is called Project Godus and is asking for £450,000 of funding and the title is due for release on PC and mobile devices in September 2013. Depending on how successful the Kickstarter project is, it might also be taken to additional platforms.

22 Cans (Molyneux’s new studio after leaving Lionhead), is intending to bring the god game genre into the modern era and make the most of modern technology. Molyneux is credited with creating the genre in the first place with Populous whilst at the iconic company Bullfrog Productions.

"What I would love to do is go back to those glory days of Bullfrog, go back to when we focused ultimately on the game play," said Molyneux and I for one would love to see this happen as bullfrog has to be my favourite gaming studio with not only Populous coming out of the famous studio, but also Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital.

Available backer packages range from £5 to £5,000 with rewards including making of features, in game pets, a personalised title screen and your name placed in 22 Cans' mobile experiment, Curiosity. Backers putting down £5000 will also receive a VIP ticket to E3