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Google Fined a Record $22.5 Million

Google fined for illegally tracking users browsing trends.

Google is in hot water with the US government after their recent fine of $22.5 million (£14 million) by the Federal Trade Commission after it was found guilty of illegally putting ad tracking cookies on computers using Apple’s Safari web browser. A judge in San Francisco approved the fine last week and it is considered the largest penalty the FTC has given to a single company.

To go into more detail the FTC has accused Google of deceiving millions of Safari users by stating on its website that their online activities couldn’t be tracked when in fact Google had deliberately used cookies that bypassed privacy settings allowing them to collect data on users browsing habits.

I would have thought that Google might have learnt from the whole storing people’s WiFi passwords which caused such a storm for Google and forced them to release a statement apologising for such behaviour. This is not the only case that the FTC has against Google as it has accused the company of abusing its search dominance and changing search results so its own services come to the top of search results which analyst believe that the search giant will face a similar fine to the one they have just received.