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Wireless Display Technology Makes Progress

Wireless WiGig DisplayPort Certification nears completion.

Who doesn't love the idea of being able to hook up your monitor or TV screen wirelessly? Ok sure there is still that boring thing called electricity to supply to the screen, but who cares, one wire-less is one wire better (see what I did there).

WiGig and VESA have established a joint working group with the aim of advancing the WiGig DisplayPort video standard certification.

“Consumers and professionals are becoming increasingly aware of DisplayPort’s image quality and advanced capabilities, and adding a wireless extension to DisplayPort further diversifies the DisplayPort protocol,” said Bill Lempesis, executive director of VESA.

This will help address any issues between the DisplayPort and WiGig standards and when complete both DisplayPort and WiGig certified devices will be able to operate seamlessly without needing any wires. Essentially meaning you can use a DisplayPort interface without using a DisplayPort cable.

The WiGig Alliance is responsible for developing the most advanced 60GHz multigigabit wireless standards, capable of transmitting at speeds of up to 7Gb/s.