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PlayStation 3 Sells 70 Million Units

The PlayStation 3 has changed so much over the last few years, I personally remember picking up my console on release day and being stunned at how freaking huge it was for a games console. These days of course you can buy a much slimmer, or even a slimmer-slim one, all without having to sell a Kidney to afford it and better yet; without having to get a friend to help you carry it. Even though it was big and expensive at launch that didn't stop people rushing out to buy it and now with the new milestone of 70 million units sold worldwide (as of Nov 11th 2012) it seems the console still has plenty of life in it yet, Sony has a good reason to be happy.

On top of the good hardware sales, Sony has also announced that the PlayStation Move motion controller has surpassed 15 million units worldwide (as of Nov 11th 2012).

Much like we've seen with the Xbox being a shadow of its former self Sony have brought the PS3 into the modern gaming and entertainment environment with ease. With advancements and updates to PlayStation network now offering up 170,000 downloadable digital content including 57,000 game content worldwide from PlayStation Network throughout 59 countries.

The Vita is just getting off the ground and while it's been slow on the uptake at first, I expect it to gain traction as Christmas rolls up. I think with the introduction of the Wii U that more and more people are going to want that dual screen gaming format and the PS3 and Vita can do just that.