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Dropbox Celerates 100 Million Users

Launches free storage contest to mark the event.

Drop box has quickly established its self as one of the must have desktop applications. I myself relly on the software daily to share work files with colleagues and pictures of lolcats with my friends, but on a serious note, it's a vital piece of my daily routine (not the cats part, well.. maybe).

Clearly I'm not alone in the mass up take of this brilliant piece of software, as the cloud storage service is now celebrating a 100 million user base since its launch four years ago.

For those of you who don't know what drop box is. It's a little desktop app that shares a folder on your computer with people of your choosing, it's as simple as that. Drop files into the folder just as you would any folder on your computer and Dropbox uploads it to the cloud, synchronising the files to any device connected to that account, perfect for work files that require multiple users input or just synchronising your documents across your laptop, desktop and mobile phone.

To mark the event Dropbox has launched a contest.

“Dropbox had its humble beginnings in a Boston train station when I forgot my USB stick at home, We’re still unsure if it was fate or fluke, but one thing’s stayed the same all these years: each of us has a unique reason for using Dropbox.” said Drew Houston, creator of Dropbox.

But what's your Dropbox releated story? Come up with one of the best ten entries and you'll bag your self a whopping 100GB of cloud storage for your troubles, get in the top 100 entries and you'll get 10GB each. Head over to the link below to submit your entries.

I wonder if my tales of sharing lolcats and reddit links will win me something?