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Microsoft Confirms No DX11.1 Support For Windows 7

Windows 8 only for DirectX 11.1 as Windows 7 gets no love.

In a bit of a u-turn Microsoft have announced that their latest generation graphics framework, known as DirectX 11.1 to you and me, will not be coming to Windows 7 in the foreseeable future. DirectX 11.1 was not intended to replace DirectX 11 but to compliment it with new graphic technology such as XNA framework being added in, better cooperation between Direct3D, Direct2D and DirectCompute GPU acceleration models, WARP (software rasteriser), the performance-boosting Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 1.2 and a new vendor-neutral system for supporting stereoscopic displays for true-3D applications.

Most of the upgrades in DirectX 11.1 point towards 3D rendering for games which only really will affect people that want to, well, game in 3D and you don’t need these changes if you use vendor specific hardware (such as NVIDIA or ATI). It is of course is a good thing, as vendor neutral 3D support means that you will not be tied into one vendor forever.

To confirm this Microsoft's Daniel Moth confessed in a post that developers wishing to use WARP will be limited to Windows 8. Moth stated “DirectX 11 was made available for Vista, but at this point there is no plan for DirectX 11.1 to be made available on Windows 7.”

I for one would like to see Windows 7 have DirectX 11.1 and Moth admits that you never know what the future holds “personally am still crossing my fingers [for a Windows 7 release], but not as tightly as I did a few months ago”