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Q3 Sales Of x86 Take A Downturn

Intel gains more ground on AMD

Worldwide shipments of X86 CPU parts have seen a big reduction throughout Q3 this year, with claims that it's the biggest drop seen in over 10 years, with an overall drop of 9% in year on year sales.

Even with the drop in sales though, Intel has still gained even more ground on AMD as it say it's market share of X86 parts leap from 80.6% to 83.3%, while AMD took a fall from 18.8% down to 16.1%, via took up the rest of the space and currently holds a 0.6% share of the market.

Dean McCarron told PC world recently that while both AMD and Intel has taken a hit in sales, it was AMD that saw greater losses "AMD was simply hit by what OEMs saw in the markets… and hitting the brakes,” he said. While obviously doesn't help AMD much in a time when they're already fighting to make a profit, but you can't make people buy hardware, it's just the current state of the economy and PC market and it's not going to resolve it's self any time soon either.

This all comes in light of usual Q3 traditions, where we usually see an increase in sales thanks to people buying computers for study, school and work after the summer holidays, but that hasn't been the case this year and it's a trend that looks likely to continue throughout Q4 also, so who knows where the market share will settle as we enter 2013.