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Games Worth A Lifetime: Part 1 - RPG

The best games of our lifetime that deserve your attention.

This week I decided it was time I share my thoughts and knowledge on what I think are some of the greatest games ever to be put to our screens, with this I hope to explain why I think these games deserve to not only be on this list, but also deserve your time to visit them so you too can share in some of the greatest games ever made.

Obviously not all these games are available for modern consoles, but thanks to plentiful remakes, re-releases, digital editions on Xbox, PlayStation 3, PC and many other devices, emulators or even just a few bargains on eBay, it's not hard to get stuck into the kind of games we gamers really deserve to play.

So let’s get things going as we work our way through what I think would make the perfect gaming collection, starting this week with RPG's.


This game gets a lot of stick from the gaming community and for the love of me I can't understand why! Having owned the original on the Dreamcast it really was way ahead of its time and even today it's graphically a great looking game. Sure it had its faults but the overall story and the way the games world was brought to life was unmatched for that console generation.

It's semi-open world environment, real time weather effects and action packed combat really made this game stand out, now if only Sega would get around to make Shenmue 3...

Where can I play it? Dreamcast and hopefully soon XBL and PSN

Kingdom Hearts

What could possibly sound more entertaining than a gaming universe populated by a mixture of Disney and Square Enix characters, including a fair few from the Final Fantasy series? Because that's exactly what the Kingdom Hearts series delivers. While the 2nd in the series is decidedly better, it's best to start this story at the beginning.

Kingdom Hearts is easily one of the most creative and entertaining RPG's ever created and it's mixture of real-time action and rational RPG elements will satisfy any fan of the genre.

Where can I play it? PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, DS and 3DS

Dragon Quest 8

The Dragon Quest series has gone from strength to strength, but the real highlight of the series was also one of the finest titles ever created for the PlayStation 2. It's superbly rendered cel-shaded graphics still look fantastic today. But nothing can compare to the sound track, which was performed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra and is easily on the most memorable features of the game.

A beautifully realized 3D world, creative and colorful characters and a rich story to which you can lose a 100 hours of your life to unravel.

Where can I play it? PlayStation 2

Final Fantasy

If you're a fan of roll playing games, you will no doubt have some knowledge of the Final Fantasy series. While none of the main numbered titles (Final Fantasy 1-13) are related story wise, they do share similar themes. Every game in the series is worth of being in a great RPG collection, but the real highlights are the SNES classis FFVI, the grand masterpiece that was FFVII and the PlayStation 2 crowning jewel FF XII.

Each new game in the series has pushed to innovate on the classic RPG formula, but with some of the finest gaming words, richest characters and most immense battles in RPG history, you would be mad not to at least try this series.

Where can I play it? Nearly every console and handheld from the NES to the PlayStation 3 has a Final Fantasy release, so no one should feel left out on this one.

The Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls series is more popular than ever since the release of Bethesda's greatest achievement "Skyrim". It's easy for some to forget that Skyrim is just one province of the lands of Tamriel, with Oblivion, Morrowind and Daggerfall being the previous big hits in the series.

Morrowind is one of the most diverse in the series, with its never ending community support constantly pushing its graphics and gameplay forward it's still a fantastic game to this day. The same can be said for both Oblivion and Skyrim, with a huge modding community that makes these some of the most creative and customizable games of the last few gaming generations.

If you're a fan of swords, magic, dragons and the adventuring, you need not look any further.

Where can I play it? Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC.

Chrono Trigger

Here we have yet another entry from Square Enix with their 1995 classic "Chrono Trigger". This game was always destined to be one of the finest RPG games ever made, with it's incredible development team featuring the creator of the Final Fantasy series, people who worked on Dragon Quest, Dragon Ball and even famed composer Nobuo Uematsu (worked on Final Fantasy) to name but a few.

With multiple endings, a fantastic story that involved some brilliant use of time travel, stunning graphics and more, it's no wonder the game has sold well into the millions on various platforms. If you haven't played Chrono Trigger, you're missing out on experiencing the perfect RPG formula.

Where can I play it? Snes, PlayStation 1, Mobile, DS.