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Raven At Work On An FPS Title For Next Gen Hardware

Details still unclear, but the studio is definitely cooking something.

Raven studios have been fairly quiet about their upcoming projects, but we do know that the studio which is owned by Activision has been working on several projects and titles, as well as working on some maps for the Call of Duty series.

Some sources are saying that the studio is hard at work on a new FPS title, but the only real confirmation we have for this comes from the studio them selves as the developers website says the studio is working on "an exciting next generation titles".

There have been a few hints from the studio, given that they have been hiring for various development team members, although nothing that gives away when kind of game they are working on.

The vagueness doesn't end there either, with some sources saying they could be working on an all new Soldier of Fortune game, or perhaps even a sequel to Singularity (as the original title was also developed by Raven).

Next gen hardware, with the exception of the Wii-U (which in many ways isn't next-gen), has yet to be announced by Sony and Microsoft, but all eyes will be on E3 2013 and many other trade shows for both announcements on the hardware and upcoming titles like the one Raven are hard at work on.