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Britain Is A Nation Of GOOFS?

According to a Gadget Show survey were all Gadget Obsessed.

Britain is a nation of GOOFS - Gadget Obsessed Over Fifties – with the over 50s now owning almost as much technology as consumers half their age. This is according to a survey carried about by Gadget Show Live Christmas, which takes place at ExCeL on 30 November to 2 December. 
The research shows that more than nine in ten over 50s in the UK own a digital camera, three in four possess a smartphone and almost a third play on a portable games console. Proving that you are never too old, one in five uses a fitness app and 22 per cent own a PS3, Wii or Xbox.

T3 magazine editor Kieran Alger commented: “Technology is no longer the domain of the so-called geeks. Tech entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg are the new rock stars, footballers conduct their business on Twitter and people queue round the block to get their hands on the latest products.

“Technical innovation is now part of everyone’s everyday lives and changing the way we all live. This trend is crossing the generations too. The over fifties is the fastest growing segment for internet usages and silver surfers are now embracing tech with as much gusto as any age group. If only geeks like tech then either we’re all geeks or the concept is outdated.”

The research suggested that some gadgets could have been designed with this generation in mind. 40 per cent of the over 50s own a Kindle and 64 per cent a digital radio; almost one in five (20 per cent) have a digital photo frame and more than six in ten (61 per cent) have an MP3 player such as an iPod.

Other popular items for the GOOF generation are satnav systems and non-factory fitted in-car stereos while a healthy eight per cent own a treadmill and six per cent a GPS running watch. One in ten (10 per cent) even have their own home cinema!

“This proves that gadgets hold as much, and sometimes more, appeal to older generations than younger ones. The over-50s often have more disposable cash for high end products such as tablets and flat screen televisions and have more time to enjoy them, too,” said Matt Hodgins, event director, Gadget Show Live Christmas.
“But many also enjoy the greater freedom and convenience that young consumers may take for granted. Older people can use the internet connection of a laptop, tablet, phone or PC to keep in touch with friends and family, shop online and keep abreast of current events.”

Gadget Show Christmas Live is on for three days at ExCeL arena in London from November 30th featuring the latest technology must-haves from names like Windows, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox and TomTom.

Apart from GOOFs, the Gadget Show research into thousands of consumers identified other groups including:

• GAGS - Gadget Addicted Girls
• NOTS - never off the sofa - gadget-loving teens
• iTods - gadget-loving toddlers
• Tom Thumbs - gadget-loving children
• Geriapptrics - gadget-loving senior citizens

The technology owned by Britain's GOOFs:
1. Digital Camera – 94%
2. Laptop – 81%
3. Smartphone – 73%
4. Flatscreen TV – 71%
5. Digital radio – 64%
6. MP3 – 61%
7. Tablet – 40%
8. Kindle – 40%
9. In car stereo – 39%
10. Portable games console – 31%
11. Games console – 22%
12. Sat Nav – 20%
13. Satellite TV – 20%
14. Use fitness apps – 20%
15. Digital photo frame – 19%
16. iPod docking system – 13%
17. Home cinema – 10%
18. Treadmill – 8%
19. 3D TV – 6%
20. GPS running watch – 6%

Gadget Show Live Christmas, ExCeL, London – 30 November – 2 December, 2012