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Seagate Technology To Ship Their 2nd Billionth Hard Drive.

Hard drive manufacturer reaches the big 2000000000.

Seagate are the world's 2nd largest hard drive manufacturer and are about to reach the impressive shipment figure of a whopping 2 Billion drives. That means that this quater they will be celebrating a major milestone for the companies history and it's certainly a number big enough to brag about.

It was only back in 2010 that Seagate celebrated the shipment of 1.5 billion drives and before that it was 2008 that they had shipped their first billion, given that the global population is somewhere over 7 billion it's a big number in terms of drives per capita.

But in the famous popular words of the internet "that escalated quickly" as it took the company 28 years to ship their first billion and only four years to double that number, which only goes to highly just how much demand their is these days for storage solutions and how much data we consume. Not only are drive sales sky rocketing over recent years but so does the storage capacity of the drives they produce.

“I want to thank all past and present Seagate employees, as well as local and central government officials in China, as we just celebrated the production of our 1 billionth drive from our China operations. We accomplished this remarkable feat in just 17 years, and we expect that the company will ship its 2 billionth disk drive this quarter. Congratulations to all involved,” said Steven Luczo, chief executive officer and chairman of Seagate.

Seagate shipped approximately 58 million drives in the last quarter along, seagate's recent financial results for the last quarter didn't disappoint either, with revenue in the region of $3.7 billion, 28.4% gross margin and a net income of around $582 million.