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NVIDIA releases Geforce 310.33

NVIDIA squares up to AMD in driver war

Not long after AMD released their Catalyst 12.11 Driver Package which AMD  self-dubbed ‘Never Settle’ NVIDIA has now released their latest set of drivers Geforce 310.33 (in beta form).  As the two graphics card power houses square up it is clear to see that they are both trying their best to get ahead in this war, with AMD offering up to 15% improvement in some of the more popular games while NVIDIA’s new drivers 310.33 offers around the same about 15.7% to try and match AMD.

As you can see both companies are trying their best to squeeze as much as they can out of their flagship cards and I for one hope that this continues, as a proud owner of a Geforce 680 I want them to get as much performance out of my card as they can and I’m sure that most of our readers do as well.

Officially NVIDIA is claiming that these drivers offer notable performance improvements for GeForce 600 users in Skyrim, Starcraft II, --- Batman: Arkham City, among other games. I also noticed improvements in frame rate within Borderlands 2, nothing significant but still an improvement.

I wonder what AMD is likely to respond with.