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Nintendo Cuts Their Revenue Projections

Nintendo are erring on the side of caution with yearly projections

Nintendo announced yesterday that they were cutting their profit predictions from ¥20bn to just ¥6bn after an unpredicted internal six month financial report which indicated a poor performance in overseas sales of their flagship 3DS which has had a less then fantastic uptake, the report indicated an actual devastating ¥23.2bn (£182m) loss due to a strong Yen.

This is a long way from the six month period ending in September where Nintendo recorded sales of around ¥201bn (£1.58bn) which was still down on the previous year about 6.8 percent (a drop less of around £220m). Good news is that it looks like Nintendo are continuing to turn themselves around after a loss in the first six months of the last financial year in which they had seen a loss of ¥70.2bn in which sales shrank over 40 per cent compare to the year before.

The company will continue to focus on selling the Nintendo 3DS in a sector which is dominated by non-dedicated games machines such as the iPhone and other mobile phone devices. Nintendo are also looking to take a larger share of the mobile gaming market with the launch of the Wii U handheld gaming console I say let's hope that they can turn it around.