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Microsoft Shifts 70 Million Xbox 360s

Hardware sales still stronger than ever for Microsoft's gaming hardware.

It seems hard to believe that the Xbox 360 has been with us since 2005, which in console years is a very long time, the current generation of gaming hardware is starting to get a bit long in the tooth. I'm not saying their rubbish, ready to die, can't do good graphics or anything that people seem to shout about on the internet though.

While the current hardware may be old, it's still got some life in it. No one, especially Microsoft predicted they would sell 70 million units and still be selling them well going towards their 8th year on market,

But lets put the 360 hardware sales into perspective. The Wii sold a staggering 96 million units in its lifetime this generation, clearly taking the #1 spot for hardware sales, despite its low ratio of premium titles. The Playstation 3 has sold 63 million units since release, but of course we have to factor in that it launched a full year after the Xbox 360 and was given a longer life cycle from Sony of 10 years.

Microsoft has shifted 1.7 million consoles in the last quarter  down by a whole 600,000 units from the same period last year (July  September).

Christmas is just around the corner and while sales will pick up for the hardware, Microsoft are the only one who doesn't have a new "thing" to sell. Having already done the slim 360 and Kinect. It's Sony who have the super slim, Nintendo with their Wii U, Microsoft are flogging the same bundles... I'm not sure that's going to do them any favours this holiday season.