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Sony End Folding@home Support

PS3 system update 4.3 coming to console, removes Folding@home from OS

It's official, as Sony has confirmed that the Playstation 3 will be losing support for the popular medial science application Folding@home.

System Update 4.30 will start its official roll out on the 23rd of October and while with one hand Sony takes away, they will be giving us the ability to view our Vita trophies from the Playstation 3.

It's no bad thing (sort of) that Folding@Home has been removed, it's not that Sony doesn't care, but more that it has done it's job. The Folding@Home distributed computing project is coming to an end, with 15 million PS3 users already having participated in the program, contributing more than 100 million computational hours to the project. It's now time to take the information provided from these calculations and try turn them into a viable medical drug/application, which is obviously a very good thing.

Sony aren't the only one stripping features this time around either, although in Sony's case they have fulfilled their commitment and there is no point providing a terminated service. Where as Microsoft will be removing support for their Facebook and Twitter dashboard apps, although these services will now be available through the Internet Explorer app on the consoles dashboard.

Of course the new 4.30 PlayStation system update also features some bug fixes and enhancements for the console.