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Intel's Next-Gen Atom "Avoton"

Micro-Server CPU to Feature Eight-Cores & New Memory Controller

Seems Intel are grabbing a lot of headlines this week, with leaks of details on their upcoming Haswell, news on production of their next gen CPU's going ahead this year, a 5% drop in their profits and now news on their next gen Avoton Atom CPUs begin to surface.

The heavily redesigned next gen Atom "Avoton" CPU is intended for micro-servers, with the aim of offering higher performance and improved functionality over the last generation. But now it has come to light that the new chip could feature eight cores and up to 4MB of cache.

"Edisonville" is the code name for Intel's next gen micro-server platform and will play host to the new Avoton CPU, along side Silvermonth architecture. These setups are expected to have support for anything from 2 to 8 cores according to reports for website MyDrivers.

We do not yet know full details of the new chips, it may be one newly designed chip, or a multi-chip module. It will however feature integrated Ethernet, Serial ATA, USB and other basic I/O capabilities, with a thermal design of 5W - 20W and clock speed ranging from 1.2Ghz to 2.4Ghz.

ValleyView and Avoton CPU units will be based on a 64bit out-of-order code-named Silvermot micro-architecture. With support for quad core CPU's at consumer level and eight core for micro server configurations.

These new chips could have a big impact on Atom powered computers, allowing for more powerful, slimmer and more energy efficient devices, as well as offering support for the 7th Gen Intel 3000 graphics (as found on Ivy Bridge CPU's).

Avoton and Valleyview CPUs are expected to appear sometime in late 2013, so don't hold your breath for them just yet.