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New Xbox 360 Dashboard Rollout Has Begun

Next few weeks sees Windows 8 friendly features and more being added.

Microsoft has just launched their latest dashboard update for the Xbox 360 system, which Microsoft is calling "Autumn 2012 Xbox 360 Dashboard Update" not exactly a snappy title, but it works. The initial rollout will be limited to 3 million users, may not sound a lot given the user base for the Xbox but I already know some people who have gotten the download this morning. If you haven't received your title update today, you can expect to see it at some point over the next couple of weeks as Microsoft progressively pushes the software to more consoles. It makes sense not to send it to everyone, picking a large control group is a great way of finding out if there are any issues before mass uptake of the update.

With this latest update comes some great new features to the consoles OS. Internet Explorer for Xbox 360 will be added to the dashboard (with HTML5 support), a new featured called "pinning" will allow users to add/pin content to the home screen, Xbox music (previously Zune) will launch and no doubt a few bug fixes and minor tweaks to the general behind the scenes code are in place too.

The big feature here though is "SmartGlass", a new technology that will allow users to use their tablet device to act as a second screen with the Xbox 360. The feature won't be enabled just yet, but it is planned to be enabled some time soon. It's believed the plan is to enable this feature after the launch of Windows 8 has taken place on the 26th of October.

There aren't any games (at least that we know of) that support the SmartGlass feature, but it is said that the soon to be released Forza Horizon will feature some use of the system. How well this will all integrate with Microsoft's new operating system Windows 8, as well as their new ranges of touch enabled smart devices and tablets is yet to be seen. Either way its an exciting month for Microsoft, only time will tell if its an exciting month to be a Microsoft customer or not.