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Rural Broadband Rollout Schemes Incoming

Broadband Delivery UK to see state funding for rural broadband.

Local authorities are now set to be given the green light with their rural broadband rollout schemes. The European Commission is close to giving Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) full permission to distribute the state aid funding set aside for infrastructure work in the countryside.

BDUK allocated a share of the government's £560 million Rural Broadband Fund back in 2011 to the majority of the UK county councils. Although there were/are concerns over the process for council projects and other regulatory issues that have help up the distribution of the funds from the scheme,

With at least half of the proposed 47 Local Broadband Plans being turned down and release of funds prevented from Europe, this new scene is in place to fix that, removing this obstacle and getting the funds through.

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Joaquín Almunia, European Commissioner for Competition, is reported to have requested only minor changes to BDUK's funding approach. He has now given preliminary approval for the release of public funding.

This scheme will see more local authorities here in the UK being able to rollout high-speed broadband in more rural areas, giving households and of course local businesses a much improved internet service.