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Facebook Stock Troubles Continue

Stock prices continue to take a nose dive.

It seems Facebook is suffering a long string of bad luck this year, sure the company is doing well, its site is as popular (if not more popular) than ever before, but it seems its size is the cause of never ending problems of balancing the companies value.

Barron's reported this Monday that Facebook's stock is still too expensive and doesn't fall in line with the companies returns, this much we all know, just look at a chart of their stock and it looks somewhat like a ski slope since it launched and has been dropping ever since.

It was only three weeks ago when facebook was trading at a little more healthy $17-19 and last week it recovered to an even better £23.29, but still way down from its IPO of $38. But that hasn't stopped the stock taking another hit and dropping a further 9.1% to $20.79 and it looks like its set to drop below the $20.00 once again, nearly half of its IPO.

It's not good for the company, investors are essentially losing money and Facebook is footing the bill, but hopefully thing will turn around when the share finally settle in the dust and people will actually start wanting to invest in the stock again, but in the meantime all we can do is sit back and wait till the price levels off at what is expected to be between $10-15.