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Kickstarter: Project Eternity

Obsidian Entertainment, a group of highly skilled and experienced developers on their way to creating Project Eternity.

Fallout New Vegas, Alpha Protocol, Dungeon Siege 3 (wasn’t THAT bad) and Knights of the Old Republic 2 are just a number of AAA games that have been developed by Obsidian Entertainment over the last few years.

Their new game which is entitled Project Eternity has been put up on Kickstarter and looks to have hit home with gamers everywhere as it hit its goal of 1.1m within 2 days and, at the time of writing, is going strong at 1.5m. If you want a digital copy of Eternity you will need to fund the project up to $20 or more which will be downloadable on Steam.

Right more about the game itself. It is a Party based RPG, so along the lines of Torchlight 2 or Diablo 3 and is also set in a fantasy world. The game will use a pause function for you to cast spells and position player when in combat. There will also be companions that will help you on your quest. They will shape how the game progresses which is influenced on their own personalities and motivations.

The release date for Project Eternity is scheduled for April 2014, so about  a year and a half, but this game is one that a lot of people seem to be getting excited about and looking forward to seeing more and with still 28 days to go you might want to think about helping these guys a bit as well, I have.