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Bundle In A Box unveils the new Indie Dev Grant

Supporting Indie Devs from Deep Space Bundle In A Box: Deep Space is set for September launch

Kyttaro Games has just announced that their second indie bundle 'Bundle In A Box: Deep Space' will be launching this September via the Indie Dev Grant, in a bid to support both an important charity and the indie game developers themselves thought sales of the bundle.

"The Indie Dev Grant, a most popular feature of Bundle In A Box we are most proud of, is a grant designed to help indie game developers actually create the games they've always wanted to. For every 100 bundles sold, $10 will be added to the grant. One indie developer (be it a group or an individual), voted by the esteemed fans of Bundle in a Box will get the whole amount after the bundle ends. No strings will be attached by either Bundle in a Box or Kyttaro Games."

The best thing about the grant is that if the developer really does have freedom with it upon getting the money, it's not about locking down a contract, its about putting hard earned cash in the hands of so many that usual put out their products at minimum cost or in many cases free, a way to keep the creative minds of indie developers creating many of the great games we have seen in recent years and of course through the whole of gaming history.

Gamers will be able to start voting on the developer that will earn the grant from the moment the bundle launches, but if you're going to participate and enter your own game, best hurry as you only have until 10th September! head on over to the sign up page to take part

All Indie Dev Grant entries will be presented on both the Kyttaro Games blog and the Bundle In A Box blog

I'll be keeping a close eye on this one, a big bundle of indie titles at what will be a bargain price, that also helps out charities and the developers directly, I'm in!

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