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Review: Gainward NVIDIA GTX 660 Ti Phantom

Martin takes a look at NVIDIA's latest GPU and puts it through it's paces for this benchmark and review.

Alan Wakes American Nightmare

Alan Wake - American Nightmate GTX 660TiAlan Wake - American Nightmate GTX 660Ti

For the second benchmark I’ve opted for Alan Wakes American Nightmare. This is one game that I picked up during the Steam Summer Sales. I played the original Alan Wake at a friend’s house on his Xbox 360 a few years ago after it had been canned for the PC.

Remedy however soon redeemed themselves in my eyes when they released Alan Wake on the PC, it looks brilliant and it ran brilliantly, definitely a good example of a console to PC port, especially when it came with the episodes DLC which added a few extra hours to an already rather long game in this day and age.

I find this game to be very GPU intensive, which is probably down to the lighting effects as on this game they’re a major gameplay mechanic.

For the settings I’ve ran the “high” preset at 1920x1080, as I felt this allowed to get the best IQ without having diminishing returns of IQ and performance, here are the results below;

Alan Wake - GTX 660 Ti resultsAlan Wake - GTX 660 Ti results


If we start by looking at the minimum frame rate, we’re above 30 frames, a dip to 46 frames per second would be hard to gauge and I’m surprised it’s not lower given that when flash bangs explode, I’d have expected a sharper dip in frame rate, if we look at the average rate, it’s only 16 FPS higher, so it’s a pretty consistent performance, makes for nice and smooth gameplay.

The maximum FPS being quite an amount higher than the average is to the minimum FPS could indicate there was a fair amount less going on in that scene, likely when I was restocking my ammunition and you’re literally only looking at a few static objects at the time. Overall the GTX660Ti performs very well on the title and it was very smooth.

Having played this game on my 7970 DCII, I couldn’t tell that I had a different card in the system; the end performance user wise was pretty much the same.