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Day one at Insomnia 46

Steve covers what the opening day of Insomnia 46 had in store for the CCL stand and surrounding areas.

Here we are again, for yet another LAN and exhibition in the UK. The Multiplay Insomnia events are one of the most unique events we have covered at CCL. People come from around the world to game competitively and compete for cash prizes and titles. But the mix of people we see at these events is so diverse it has to be experienced to be appreciated, the entire event has no care in the world what you do outside of the gaming halls it is simply about the gaming, the community and the experience.

For example the number of posts on the Multiplay forums of people having problems with their computers followed by the other members all pooling together to get them fixed and back online is unimaginable. The caring and helpful nature of these people is to be admired and not underestimated.

I for one have been helped out by the gamers plenty of times however this time I was in quite a pickle, as an electronic cigarette smoker I rely on liquid nicotine to get my ‘fix’ if you will and I managed to lose mine somewhere at the event. I posted on the Multiplay event forums asking if there was anybody else here who smoked an e-cig who could help me out. Within minutes I had a reply and a private message asking where I could meet this gamer as he had some I could have. Not only did the gamer known only to me by his online alias ‘BuZZ D0G’ give me some liquid nicotine but he offered more if I started to run out again as he’s only here for a couple of days and I’m here for the full duration. The selfless, charitable and honourable nature of these gamers is what makes the Multiplay Insomnia events so special for everybody who attends. It’s like having a giant sleep over with some of your best friends – although it’s called insomnia, because nobody’s sleeping.

But I digress; let’s talk about who we’ve spoken to and what they’re offering.

First up we have Asus UK who are exhibiting some of their high end and popular consumer motherboards and have some interesting displays on their Direct CU cooling technology.

They also have a cool and original competition for us at the Insomnia series whereby they’re handing out lanyards (who isn’t you may ask) with a key on (Ohh that’s different you may say) and if this key opens their display case you win what is inside.
They’ve got a small form factor PC designed to be ultra-portable for LAN events on display and they’ve overclocked the be-jeepers out of it, why? Because they can, that’s why.

Check out the video below for a visual overview.















Secondly we have Quiet PC who are as old-school as it gets here at Insomnia and it shows with the huge amount of respect he has earned from the gamers. His stand is always full of smiling faces and happy game goers providing a very relaxed environment for people to enjoy.

On display he has some of the best cooling components available last time round he had a totally silent PC with no fans and no moving parts although I don’t believe we’ve seen the same unit this time.

On his stand we have the usual and now signature Rock Band setup meaning we have a constant supply of good music, singing and the occasional ‘punk’ ‘plick’ ‘plock’ as gamers miss notes.

The competitions and giveaways are always enjoyable at Quiet PC so check out the video below for a visual overview.

















Keep checking our Facebook and YouTube pages for updates and video interviews to find out either what's in store for those who are coming or what you're missing out on if you're not here.