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Review: NVIDIA GTX680 SLi Review and Benchmarks

Martin wasn't happy testing just one GTX680, he wanted a second to really push the performance

Anno 2070

Anno 2070Anno 2070

Anno 2070 is the first DX11 game I’ve decided to use, it’s not a game I’ve played much, but the gameplay isn’t half bad and isn’t quite as straight forward as other strategy games I’ve played, requires more patience and a little bit more planning from my point of view.

With it being a DX11 title, I figured that it’d be quite GPU intensive. For the settings I ran everything on the highest that it’d go (Including AA and AF where applicable) running full screen at 1920x1080.

Having played some of the previous Anno games, I was pleased with the IQ increases from them and found some of the scenery to be quite eye pleasing, without going off on a tangent, here are the results that I got from the GTX680 SLI while playing compared to the GTX 680.

Results Anno 2070Results Anno 2070

The Anno figures show some VERY impressive scaling. The maximum FPS is obviously a fluke with it being well over twice the scaling, the minimum frame rate shows over twice the scaling too, perhaps some fluke, however it’s plainly obvious that the GTX680 SLI has some incredible power in this title.

Average FPS Scaling; 90.2%



For the second title I’ve chosen Alien Versus Predator. This was one of the first DX11 titles that was available, it’s quite an atmospheric game and at times it’ll really give you the creeps, especially with aliens coming out of the shadows when you least expect it. Quite a good game and definitely worth a play through.

On AVP I ran all the settings at their highest, including DX11, running 4xMSAA with tessellation at 1920x1080. My only real gripe with this game is that I felt it was quite short, especially the alien campaign.

Here’s the results compared to the GTX 680 SLI and the GTX 680;

AVP ResultsAVP Results

Again like Anno 2070 this game shows some pretty impressive scaling even at a quick glance with stupidly high maximums and minimum’s that people would kill for. The average frame rate is stupidly high, enough for possible at least 2 iterations of the game running at 60 FPS each. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that this amount of power is wasted on a 1920x1080 monitor and longs for something more to 2560x1440.

Average FPS Scaling; 89.8%