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Review: NVIDIA GTX680 Review and Benchmarks

Martin takes the NVIDIA GTX680 to it's limits and pits it against some of the latest and most demanding games available today. Then overclocks it and does it again


Overclocking the GTX680 is a little bit different than your average GPU due to Nvidias new GPU offset clock. Personally I prefer it, as it means the GPU isn’t always running flat out and will only run the “extra mile” when it’s needed. Without manually overclocking, the GTX680 would at times boost from its 1006MHZ stock clock, the highest I ever saw it was around 1086MHZ, it’s very dependent on temperatures, the higher the temperature, the lower the boost clock, either way I found it to be a nice feature, you can’t complain at a little extra performance.
For my own GTX680, I decided to see how far I could go on stock cooling and without raising the voltage; here are the results that I was able to get out of my own GTX 680.

EVGA Precision XEVGA Precision X

In gaming, the +150MHZ boost had my GTX680 running around 1240-1260MHZ on stock voltage, which is quite decent overclock, if I was to boost the voltage and keep the card even cooler (Aftermarket cooler or water-cooling) I feel I’d probably be able to get +250MHZ which I feel would be around 1340-1360MHZ which is quite an impressive boost over stock frequencies. In gaming, even with the overclock, I could barely hear the card with an auto fan profile, that’s just testament to how power efficient and low a TDP the GTX680 has.

To gauge how the GTX680 scaled with overclocking, I’ve got the following 3 results with you can cross reference with the results above.

Heaven GTX680 OC

Heaven GTX680 Overclock - ResultsHeaven GTX680 Overclock - Results

As you can see, there’s quite an improvement in the average frame rate, which is the most important part in gauging an overall improvement. The minimum FPS gain I think is an outlier, which Heaven is notorious for, however it’s quite a healthy improvement over the stock results.


BF3 GTX680 Overclock - ResultsBF3 GTX680 Overclock - Results

Next up we’ve got BF3, which like Heaven before it shows quite a healthy improvement in average frames, unlike Heaven however, I feel the minimum improvement is down to the overclock as the percentage of improvement matches that of the overclock, which is also the case with the average.

Witcher 2 GTX680 OC

Witcher 2 GTX680 Overclock - ResultsWitcher 2 GTX680 Overclock - Results

For the last game to gauge the scaling on the overclock, I’ve opted for Witcher 2, as you can see it shows improvements in all fields, including the minimums, the average scaling is consistent with the scaling that we’ve seen in the other 2 overclocked results, overall a nice and positive improvement.