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It's All About Steve (Part II)

Time to get to know the editor of CCL Tech

Well the saga continues, for those of you who haven’t read my previous blog which is the first instalment in what is the tale of my insurance company woes after being the victim of a motorcycle accident I suggest you check it out - you can find that by clicking this link here.

Ok so where were we, oh that’s right I got knocked off of my motorcycle. Which as I’m sure you can imagine isn’t an overly enjoyable experience but I’m grateful to have been able to get up and walk away from it and smile about it all now.
Believe it or not the worst part of the ordeal wasn’t even the accident itself, it was dealing with the third parties insurance company. I wasn’t fully comprehensive on my motorcycle insurance which was held with a company I shall refer to in the interest of this blog as “pBike”. Third party only insurance meant my insurance company wouldn’t deal with the claim and  I can either choose to let my insurance companies third party legal team deal with my claim or I could pursue it myself directly with the other drivers insurance company.

Time to file my claim.Time to file my claim.

After speaking with my appointed legal team, who for the interest of this blog shall be called: “Albuny Assastance” I quickly realised that their priority wasn’t getting me back on the road as quickly as possible, but getting me a hire bike – which may or may not cost me a penny. They couldn’t assure me that I wouldn’t have to pay anything for the bike despite the fact that there was no question of liability, the other driver admitted fault instantly and even informed his insurance company of this fact.


The only phone call I received from this company within 24 hours of reporting the accident was a single call offering me a hire bike, when I refused as they couldn’t assure me this wouldn’t be at my expense or reduce the value of my final settlement they ended the call with “ok then well you have a good day” and that was that. I called the company two or three times over the next two days only to be told after two days that they had successfully identified the third parties insurance company and were in the process of sending them a letter… I told them who his insurance was with when I reported the accident. I also failed to understand why in this modern age a letter is the best possible method of communication. Why not an e-mail? Why not a fax? Well… That would just be too efficient wouldn’t it?

So I decided to tell “Albuny Assastance” to hang fire and I’ll sort it myself. So I contacted the third party drivers’ insurance company, who again for the interest of this blog shall be called, “op co”. After speaking with a third party claims advisor at “op co” I was thrilled as to how easy this all seemed to be. The young lady I spoke to told me what she needed from me, what the general procedure would be and that their aim is to put me back in the same position I was in pre accident. Needless to say I was ecstatic and starting to feel a little bit more optimistic about this process not being as difficult as I originally thought it would.

But that was about as good as the experience would get, I swiftly realised that the only direction in which the interest of an insurance company can sway is in the direction of itself.

But I can’t put it all down in this one blog, as I’d have nothing else to rant about.  So I shall draw a close to this week’s blog and keep you, my lovely readers in a state of suspense until next week. When I shall continue the fable of my motorcycle accident.