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It's All About Steve (Part I)

Time to get to know the editor of CCL Tech

Well, this is awkward. I’ve been venting to the office recently about some troubles I’ve been having with insurance companies as a result of being the victim of a motorcycle accident – which wasn’t my fault I shall hastily add.

This has unfortunately resulted in people suggesting I blog about it, either because they feel that the content is blog worthy or perhaps the more likely they’re just sick of hearing about it.

Throughout my blogs I’m going to use a very informal writing style which should hopefully enable the readers to feel more like I am talking to them, rather than stood on my soap box shouting into the void we all call the internet hoping that somebody hears me.

So by now you are probably thinking ‘who is this guy?’. For those of you who haven’t seen my videos or had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting with me face to face at our events then it’s safe to assume you have no idea who I am – and that’s understandable.

So who am I? No not the Jackie Chan film, I’m trying to introduce myself here.

Well let’s start with what I do at CCL and I guess throughout my blogs you’ll get to know a little about the other ‘aspects of Steve’ but let’s stay CCL related for now. I am in charge of CCL’s Social Media and Press Relations. This basically means anything that interacts with you, our beloved readers has to get past me or it is written by me.

Sorry Mate I didn't See You There.Sorry Mate I didn't See You There.

I’m hoping it’s fairly obvious from the opening paragraph that I’m a bit of a biker, been riding for the past 6 years and I am proud to say that I’m not one of those fair weather riders. I’ve braved some harsh wintery months and remained unscathed. Having never been involved in a motorcycle collision with another vehicle I knew it was something that had to happen sooner or later. Well after years of riding it finally happened at about 8pm on the 19th of June. Let me set the scene; I’m traveling down a road, nothing too major going on just the usual. When a car traveling in the opposite direction decides he wants to turn right onto a side street. Unfortunately he didn’t want to wait for me to pass him so he figured he could make it and started to turn, I can still picture looking at him move into the centre of the road and indicate then suddenly start to turn in front of me. Alas my valiant effort to stop was wasted as I hit the rear quarter of his car. Apparently, he didn't see me.

I’m going to draw this blog to a close for today and continue on with this frustrating saga of insurance companies and the unnecessary hoops you as the non liable party in an accident have to jump through for justice and what’s fair.

Part II can be found here.