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Review - Sound Blaster Recon3D Fatal1ty Professional

In this review Michael takes a look at the latest installment of the Fatal1ty range with Sound Blaster's Recon3D Fatal1ty Professional.

The card itself is extremely solidly built consisting of the card with a tough protective EMI shield, and comes with a unique beam-forming microphone (more on that later). It has a very distinct red and black colour which includes red LEDs that light up when in operation. Now this might have some bearing on your decision to go for one if you have a PC that’s all tricked out in blue LEDS… as you can’t turn these off or change them.

There’s a monstrous 600ohm headphone amplifier built into the card which is an extremely welcome feature.

The packaging talks up the Recon3D’s gaming credentials – there’s no doubting from the box what this card is all about: Sheer gaming power.

It’s pretty solid and compact though, only measuring 5 inches in length, and 4 inches deep. It is PCI-E so you can use any available PCI-E slot.

The card has a multitude of inputs and outputs on the back panel; 5.1. analogue connectors, the dedicated headphone amplifier out port, a combination microphone and line-in port, and some optical in/out ports for digital output. You can also buy separately an I/O bay that will fit into any spare CD drive bay on your PC. This adds some extra ports and also some volume knobs.

The enclosed beam-forming microphone tries to lock onto your voice and filter everything else out. So in theory it should give you a nice clean sound when using online for gaming.

The only thing really missing for me was HDMI inputs and outputs. It seems a shame in this modern age that they’d miss out what many competing sound cards are doing in having an HDMI pass through on the card.