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Windows 8 'Release Preview' announced for first week of June

After two previous test releases it seems the 'Final' Windows 8 release prior to the retail is due for the first week of June

Windows unit’s president Steven Sinofsky made an announcement at a Windows Developer Days event in Japan, the ‘Release Preview’ follows two previous releases of Windows 8.

Steven Sinofsky at Windows Developer Days event

Steven Sinofsky at Windows Developer Days event
















The latest install of the Microsoft operating system is not only designed to run on Intel and AMD based PC’s but is also optimised to run on the lower powered ARM processors to try and compete with iOS on the iPad and other tablet devices. Although as with Windows Mobile we’re sure it can only succeed in this field if it gets the same developer backing as Android and iOS has.

Although we do not yet have a confirmed release date for the final retail version of Windows 8 it’s rumoured to be shipping with new PC’s this autumn