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Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 3770k stock shortage rumoured for launch delay

Delayed launch of Intel's latest flagship microarchitecture is rumoured to be due to the shortage of the overclocking version of the Intel i7 3770 Ivy Bridge CPU the i7 3770K

Almost 3 months overdue from its original launch dates Intel’s flagship microarchitecture is rumoured to be caused by the alleged stock shortage of the overclocking model of the Intel Core i7 3770 which is the i7 3770K. There is no confirmation that this is the cause but is has long since been rumoured that the 3770 was the cause of the delays although it is now apparent that upon launch the overclocking model being the 3770K is said to be in constraint.

We are looking forward to a successful launch and plenty of stock availability of all the other models in the new Ivy Bridge range but are preparing for shortages of the 3770K.