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April Fools 2012 CCL's Choice Roundup

2012 April Fools roundups.

Once again April Fools has passed us by, this year we did our first attempt at an April fools gag and had mixed feelings and feed back in relation to our Justin Bieber system. However we hope that the Justin Bieber fans who were offended by the joke can find it in their hearts to forgive us.


However moving on, let us take a look at CCLs choice of the top 5 April Fools gags this year by the biggest manufacturers and companies out there.


In fifth place we have O2 Mobile with their new handset boasting an impressive 8-Megapixel Camera with LED flash and 1080p capable recording, 1.2Ghz processor, a 3.5" capacitive TFT touch-screen, Wi-Fi and assisted GPS. The unit boasts 1,000 hours talk time and 92 days' on standby.

The On & On from O2

The On & On from O2










More info here:


Coming to us now in the position known as fourth place we have a "Crop Square" from Nestle appearing in Kansas, with locals reporting the mysterious crop circle (or square) and it's appearance to the disappearance of BUTTERFINGER bars vanishing off store shelves.

Dubbed as BARmageddon, Nestle' USA were quoted to say “It’s no coincidence that a mysterious crop circle appeared on the same day that Butterfinger bars disappeared from Moscow to Manhattan,” and “A word to the wise: Get your Butterfinger bars now as there’s little time left – BARmageddon is officially here! – If the world’s going to end on December 21, as the Mayan Calendar predicts, our fans need to be ready with their finger on a Butterfinger.”

Crop Circle or QR Qode... You Decide.

Crop Circle or QR Code... You Decide.

More information here : 

Sliding in to third for a podium finish is the GMail team over at Google with their GMail Tap. Who has time to type an e-mail out on a QWERTY keyboard, using two fingers and only two buttons is the way forward, it's the past reborn with GMail Tap and their Morse Code messaging platform for Android and iOS.













More information here : 


Second place in our opinion was a tough choice as it was dubbed a must for first place by a lot of our staff members but unfortunately it overall ranked second. It's another Google project and it's Google Maps 8-Bit for the much neglected Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) :











We like the lead up to this one as earlier on this week Google spoke about developing for the NES and mentioned that they felt it was much neglected over on their development blogs.

To try Google 8-Bit Maps head over to and hit the Quest button in the top right.


First place we felt had to go to Sony for their Worlds Smallest Sony Vaio Ultrabook, with its amazing specifications and tiny hardware profile we felt it just had to win.














For more info on this one please Visit Sonys website here :