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Fuel Crisis : Rumours of a fuel shortage cause shut downs and even fighting.

Firstly we were told to fill our cars up just in-case and then we were told not to. One day Downing Street will make its mind up.

Oh dear, it seems once again in Downing Street the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Firstly head of Crisis Management – Francis Maude told motorists to fill a jerry can and leave it at home and then his junior - Mike Penning (an ex-fireman) said this was a bad idea.

Regardless fuel retailers report a 172% rise in demand for fuel, resulting in hordes of motorists flocking to local fuel stations and even queuing onto the streets as the panic buying frenzy starts.

The cause of the situation is a result of Unite Union members threatening to strike over pay and their working conditions. Their drivers who deliver fuel to Shell, Esso and supermarket chains such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco have called for minimum working conditions covering hours, holiday, redundancy and but of course pay.

An estimated 90% of the UK fuel station forecourts are supplied by the Unite Unions 2,000 or so drivers involved in the dispute.

Conciliation service ACAS are hoping talks will commence between the unions and employers shortly after Monday. This makes Easter strikes unlikely as seven days’ notice must be issued by the Unions prior to any strike action.

I’m almost certain that the advice issued by Energy Secretary Ed Davey “do the sensible thing… get a full tank of petrol, not a half-tank” is as re assuring as the all too familiar Hollywood scene where the protagonist asks everybody to remain calm and exit slowly.

It just never quite works does it?

It just never quite works does it?

Well luckily I’ve topped my motorcycle up for the month and should hopefully be good to ride out the fuel crisis if for any reason it does hit – excuse the pun.

CCL are tempted to invest in their own brand of jerry can so comments please with suggested sizes and if we think incorporating a USB 3.0 hub would be a good idea or not.