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Arctic Z2 Dual Monitor Arm Review

Dave tries out one of Arctic's new monitor mounts

Setting it all up

Thankfully for all the screws and bolts, the Arctic Z2 Pro is remarkably simple to set-up at least from a quick glance at the instructions.


Before starting the installation you need to make sure your desk is solid. So make sure where you intend to mount it is not a hollow structure.

Firstly you screw either the Desk Clamp or the Hole mount into the base, this will depend how you will be mounting it to your desk overall. For this review I will be using the desk clamp method.


Then after attaching the base securely to your desk like item you thread the pole into the clamp. The collar that you can see on the pole allows you to adjust the height of the arms and therefore the screens before they are attached.


These are actually reversed, they fold around and face the opposite way.

Now with the arms attached and locked into place, it's time to fit the monitors themselves; I will be using two Acer S22 monitors.

Each monitor will need a mount screwing into the VESA mounting points. This then allows you to slip the monitors onto each arm, you then secure each monitor with two allen bolts. These bolts screw through the arm into the brackets fitted to each monitor. Thankfully my monitors do not have a recess on the rear so I didn't need any of the spacers that were provided.


And that is it, the picture above shows will be how it looks from the rear with two of the same monitor. It is not my particular setup because I can't get behind my desk :P